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Gold, as you know, is one of the most precious and most flexible and most charming among the metals.
Gold could also be termed as the second money or alternative to money even now in terms of value. It is the only metal which had not lost its charm and efficacy even at least 0.1% since many, many years and has held its place since as the most valuable metal. Gold has come a long way from ancient times. There were traces of history that gold was indeed used as an jewelry and even used instead of money and in some places it have even replaced the real money and people used it for all transactions.
Gold is an element which has the symbol Au and the atomic number 79. The pure gold comes with yellow color and pure can be transformed into any form and shape depending our usage. The color, charm, and the flexibility of gold made it as an ideal ornament and has been worn by both women and men, but mostly women preferred gold jewelry much more than any other metals. Even the more costlier platinum did get the response as gold got among the women folks who just love adore the gold. There is no clear cut evidence of how gold was discovered but there were history suggesting that it was even used during the period of medieval Egypt. There have been even mention of gold in the Holy Bible in many places. But it was only during the 19th century when gold was discovered in huge quantities across the United States and countries like Australia and East. Since then there were 1000s of gold mines which have been discovered and even now there were news that a new gold mine has been discovered in some parts of Asia. But it is in South Africa where gold is extracted in huge quantities. Gold mining itself is an art where it requires a lot of manpower and time and patience to extract it from the rocks beneath. The gold is found as an ore which will then be transformed into its original version as nuggets and bars. The gold as itself cannot be worn as jewelry because of its tendency to easily bend and its flexibility. Gold is needed to be mixed with copper in correct proportion, 91.5 per cent of gold and rest will be copper to make it stronger and more tensile in order to convert it into various ornaments. Gold is worn in different forms like chains, rings, nose piercing, earrings, etc. All these ornamental gold not of 100% purity but nearly 90%, as said above. The purity of gold is mentioned in carat. The pure gold is mentioned as 24 carat while the ornamental gold is mostly designated as 22 carat. Gold was also considered as an excellent form of investment even in the past and even now. The value of gold in terms of percentage and value have risen to an unprecedented amount within a short span and it is considered to be best and recommended form of investment by the experts. Gold can be invested in the form of coins and bars or bullions. These coins and bars will be of 100% purity. Nowadays, you can invest in gold even without buying it, from an investment perspective, through bullion market, which can be later converted as gold or even sold at the current market rates. Gold has indeed come a long way and has indeed captured our heart like no other metal has done. It is truly a people?s metal, if one would say!